With the development of China’s construction industry, elevators have become an indispensable travel tool for people’s daily lives. In 2015, elevator accidents that appeared in the public eye from time to time caused many people to talk about discoloration. In fact, it is not necessary. The avoidance of elevator safety accidents is not only related to the strict control of the quality of the elevator by the manufacturer, the regular maintenance of the elevator by the inspection department, but also the correct operation and safe riding mode of the passenger in daily life.

Today, for everyone, the top five things to note when riding an elevator:

1. Press the switch button repeatedly

After entering the elevator, many people repeatedly press the switch door button because they are in a hurry, in the hope of increasing the speed of the switch door. In fact, such behavior will not only speed up the opening and closing of the door, but will affect the sensitivity of the elevator running program.

2, the elevator timed to open the door and other people

Warm reminder: the elevator door and waiting time are all designed programs. Manually disturbing the designed program will cause the elevator computer program to be disordered and reduce the elevator sensitivity.

3, transport decoration garbage, throwing debris

Handling debris into the elevator may cause some of the debris to enter the internal running part of the elevator, causing the elevator to jam and stop running. Therefore, you should advise everyone, if there is something to be transported, try to pack it and reduce the chance of falling debris.

4. When hitting heavy objects such as furniture and building materials, it hits the elevator.

When the elevator receives an impact, it may cause misalignment, causing the emergency brake to close or fall. Therefore, Quicker believes that carrying heavy objects and hitting the elevator is the most serious and most serious damage to the elevator in all wrong operations.

5. Forcibly squeeze in when overloaded

In the busy working life, some passengers may still be reluctant to give up and forcibly squeeze in if they know that the elevator is overloaded. Here you should be reminded that the elevator has a rated load capacity, and the overloaded elevator will take self-protection measures such as alarms. Such long-term operation may cause the elevator program to be disordered.

Everyone in the rush of the upper and lower, must comply with the safe operation rules of the elevator ride, put safety first, can greatly avoid elevator safety accidents, do not step on the elevator safety “minefield” Oh!