In the spring, I came to Zhongling, but the voice of my hometown often echoed in my ear.
The teacher said that knowledge changes fate
The leader told me the ability to decide life
Study hard, show your style on the sales stage, realize your dreams
Customer demand is work oriented
Warm and friendly, not humble
Say the contract to keep credibility and create a win-win market
Strong will, frustration, high morale
Seize the opportunity, bravely attack, victory is ahead

Eight hundred miles of Qinchuan, Zhongling elevator is vast
Run up and down, one after another, majestic
Eight hundred miles of Dongting, blue waves
Accompanied by the boat song, danced and sang to watch the fish sing
Yellow River mother, mother Yangtze River
In the storm, Zhongling’s children are guarded by your day and night.
Listening to the sing of the five thousand years of civilization
Under the fluorescent light, you and the Yellow Crane Tower will paint together
Take a big order, it doesn’t matter if you pay more
Drinking a thousand glasses is not drunk
In my sleep, the little baby is crying mom
My mother’s face is worried about me…·····
Said that the inner and outer walls of the Great Wall are hometown
Silent and uninterrupted operation, work hard, dedication and love
Beacon’s dedication, through time and space, modern promotion
Advanced technology, quality and safety
Our commitment, solemn and solemn, responsible
Under the Taihang Mountain, the sound of the Eighth Route Army came.
That is the horn of the march to transform and renew the market.
New markets, new business opportunities, and a bigger market

Wanli Plateau, the sound of the piano is long, flying up and down the snow
Farewell to the Yaner flying south
Looking into the distant horizon, there is a song in my heart.
During the reunion, the kumiss blessing the two old happiness and well-being
Bless the good fortune of the child, returning from the triumph, safe and auspicious
When you are gathering, raise the glass and sing
Thanks to the leadership of the teaching, the cooperation of colleagues
Drink and drink, then smash it, sing songs to the wine, and swear each other
Not drunk tonight, never break
Bless the new year and create more glory
Pursuit of excellence, scientific innovation, safety and quality in mind
One by one, flying wings.