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    Sightseeing Elevator

    Sightseeing Elevator

    Suzhou Zhongling sightseeing elevator integrates aesthetics and technology with architecture and its construction is novel and special which cannot only meet demands of passengers and functions of passenger elevators but also improve appearance of urban buildings to make building spaces harmonious一It is suitable for places such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, scenic spots and high grade residential buildings.

    Rich models

    Various models of elevator cars such as round, square and rhombus can be chosen to correspond to buildings of different styles.

    Wide view

    Transparent elevator cars can maximize field of view and make passengers have a panoramic view through visual extension.

    Quiet operation

    Further optimized structure of elevator cars can realize excellent sound insulation to make passen-gers have quiet and steady elevatoring experience.

    Exquisite decoration

    A series of texture and colors are available for shaft door, handrail and wall of elevator car so as to realize customized service in a real sense.