Today, when the prime ministers of the country are clamoring for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation,” entrepreneurship is no longer a new thing. However, while the entrepreneurial world is full of new concepts such as “internet thinking” and “wind throwing”, traditional manufacturing has been forgotten in the corner.

It is true that the manufacturing industry is hard, the profits are low, and there is not much concept of attracting investment. The Chinese manufacturing industry is generally overcapacity and fiercely competitive. It is even more difficult to highlight the encirclement. However, the “manufacturing return” conducted by the United States, which has experienced the Internet bubble and financial crisis, tells us that the economy will eventually be implemented in order to maintain its long-term development vitality and competitive position.

Get out of the day - every step is hard, every step is solid

Lu Mingfeng just joined the work in 1993. In the elevator industry for more than 20 years, he has done design, technology, installation and commissioning. Every step is very hard, every step is very solid, and soon become the backbone of the department!

Heaven always mourns those who have talents. When Lu Mingfeng has mastered elevator technology and craftsmanship, the company has given a sales position. The technical experience of the design process, the on-site experience of installation and commissioning, make his ideas more open, closer to the needs of customers and the market, and better understand what products and services customers need.

Gain experience

Gain experience

Broad thinking

Open mind

Get customer needs

Get customer needs

Better understand customer needs

Better know needs

Advanced Growth - Gaining experience from practice and transforming it into a driving force for growth

From being an ordinary salesman to setting up his own sales company, he has worked hard in the northwest market for more than ten years. Lu Mingfeng has deep experience in the elevator industry. “No matter what company, you must effectively control every aspect and details of sales, production, installation and service.” In Lu Mingfeng’s view, to provide the most perfect customer experience, you must master a longer industrial chain.

Talented people are always good at practicing their ideas. So, a dynamic company in the elevator industry, Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd. was born in early 2011! Although the elevator industry has begun to increase gear shifts, Lu Mingfeng still started. Its own company – Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd., this is the feeling of a lift person in the elevator.

Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd. was formally established in early 2011
In 2012, the first “Zhongling” brand elevator was off the assembly line.
In June 2015, a 95.8-meter-high elevator test tower was built.

The test tower was successfully installed and commissioned:
High-speed elevator with a load of 1600kg and a speed of 6m/s
1500kg speed 2.5m/s bed elevator
1600kg speed 2.5m/s sightseeing elevator
3000kg machine room elevator

Exploring and developing—changing ideas, daring to go wrong, and creating the history of SUZHOU Zhongling Elevator

Yes, on the one hand, the real estate market has gradually stepped out of the golden period. On the other hand, the number of private brands has reached its peak, competition has become fierce, and the opportunities for new brands have been too small. However, Lu Mingfeng firmly believes that although the market is slow, urbanization is not slow, and there are many brands and few boutiques. As long as you create first-class quality and service, there must be room for survival. In the eyes of Lu Mingfeng, who has a dream, the elevator industry is not perfect. There are still many places where improvements can be made. He believes that through his efforts, through the unremitting pursuit of true value, he will be able to make a better elevator brand. , to bring users better elevator products.

At the beginning of the business, Lu Mingfeng and everyone rushed to the front line. Although the company was located in East China, the first two years of Suzhou Zhongling Elevator was sold to the northwest. At present, this proportion has undergone a fundamental change. By 2014, Zhongling’s orders exceeded 2,600 units, which made the peers admire.

Examine the situation - ensure quality, improve the system, establish a management model of enterprise characteristics

Lu Mingfeng judged the situation and thought that to build a new brand, we must first work hard on the elevator configuration and quality. Therefore, Suzhou Zhongling insists on selecting medium and high-end products in terms of core components. By introducing expert teams, improving technical configuration and quality management, the products are made to the utmost and impeccable. Only in this way, marketing and service have a foundation and brand image. Guaranteed.

At the same time, the quality of elevator manufacturing is fully guaranteed. At the same time, Suzhou Zhongling Elevator pays close attention to installation and after-sales service. Through a sound management system and close cooperation between its subsidiaries and agents, it provides timely and efficient services to customers. Lu Mingfeng knows that for a company that was founded shortly, it is not advisable to blindly imitate other enterprises. It is necessary to tailor the business model, management system and market strategy according to the characteristics of the company itself, and to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Compared with other elevator brands, Suzhou Zhongling’s advantage lies not only in good product configuration and high cost performance, but also in pre-sales and after-sales service, especially in the later maintenance of elevators. Moreover, with the approach of the “post-market” era of elevators, maintenance services have become the top priority of the whole ladder enterprises. Lu Mingfeng knows that doing a good job is one of the important links to improve customer satisfaction and accumulate the stamina of enterprise development.


Make the product to the extreme – perfect installation and maintenance services – establish and improve the management system of Zhongling’s characteristics – improve customer satisfaction – build brand image – accumulate the development momentum of the enterprise

Keeping up with the times - keeping up with the development of the country, always sticking to the quality of products and services

Lu Mingfeng said that the current real estate market has already bid farewell to the past ten years of gold, but there is still a lot of room for the development of urbanization in the central and western regions. The planning of new urban agglomerations, free trade zones, and the Belt and Road Initiative are all trying to balance China’s regional economic development. To create a new economic growth zone, the urbanization of the next ten or twenty years will continue to develop, so the elevator industry is still a potential industry.

Lu Mingfeng has transformed the deep feelings of elevators into “serving for customers” and “creating results for customers” for more than 20 years. This sentiment has been transformed into the core values ??of Suzhou Zhongling, which penetrates into the hearts of every employee. And externalized into products and services to form a brand impression.

Lu Mingfeng revealed: “At present, it is negotiating with the Suzhou Municipal Government for land acquisition and planning to acquire 100 mu of land.” Lu Mingfeng also said that the development blueprint of Suzhou Zhongling is not blind expansion, and it is important to ensure product quality and service quality. His enthusiasm and persistence will surely write a new legend in the history of the elevator industry.

As an elevator person who deeply understands the corporate culture, Lu Mingfeng attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture. Suzhou Zhongling Elevator puts “employees as the foundation of corporate wealth” into employee training and development. “The development of enterprises depends on people, that is, team and Cohesion is soft power.” Suzhou Zhongling, a large family, provides employees with an excellent development platform. Many employees have already made Suzhou Zhongling their own home. At the recent annual meeting, an old Zhongling employee specially asked to recite a “Zhongling Zange” he created himself, expressing his love for Zhongling.